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Hey there, fellow scientist!

Thanks for participating in real scientific research at the Adler Planetarium!

You can keep science-ing on your mobile device or at home withGalaxy Zoo, a project from Zooniverse. Check it out!

Recent galaxies

Check out some of the galaxies that have been classified both on U!Scientist at the Adler Planetarium and online onGalaxy Zoo.
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Even more data

People just like you have been classifying galaxies from U!Scientist at the Adler as well as online onGalaxy Zoo.
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All-Time Completed Galaxies
Countries participating currently

What is Zooniverse?

Zooniverse is the world's largest people-powered research platform. What does that mean?
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Online at zooniverse.org or on the Zooniverse app, you can participate in tons of projects just like this one in topics ranging from astronomy to zoology.Scientists need your help to process all their data, whether it's by classifying the shapes of galaxies or identifying animals. By answering a few questions, you'll make a big difference.
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